Wi-Fi Networks


The internet is everywhere. It's the world's biggest dictionary, shopping mall, and news outlet, which 3 million Americans use every day to check the weather, buy Tickle Me Elmo,  and get directions to your business.  America uses the interenet more every day. Can they use it at your business? Fixed business costs like rent and employee wages make attracting customers very important. Wi-Fi attracts them and encourages them to stay, which increases the sales of the businesses' core products. If you have not considered wireless Internet because of high cost, our low pricing will perk your interest. If you have an existing wireless network, we can improve coverage, expand access options, and save you money.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Make your business a hotspot for businessmen and college students.  From large groups with reservations to impromptu meetings of two or three, wireless internet access is an economical way to get more visits from your customers.

 Technical trade and academic schools alike are making more use of the internet these days. Answers to questions are a click away. General school infomation and class syllabai posted online will be instantly accessable anywhere in the school. 

Apartments and Condos
Wi-Fi is a very economical way to attract tenants. Wireless internet is a superstar of economies of scale that works nicely with apartments.  Your tenants put a high value on internet access that they don't have to worry about. If you offer it, signing a contract with you will be that much easier to do. 

Staying at a hotel can be frustrating when basic amenities are missing. The closer a patron's experience is to living at home, the better. And a greater number of hotel patrons are looking for internet access all the time. Make them feel at home with this increasingly necessary amenity.

We would love to help increase your patronage or employee ease of access, whatever the size or shape of your business!



Low cost.
No one can beat our great low rates of installation and upkeep. On top of that, we will survey your site and give you a quote for free.

 4-5 bar signal. Say goodbye to deadspots in your appartments or school. We insure signal coverage where you need it.
Professional installation. Our equipment has a minimalist style and can be placed in view or be hidden. Wireless should be heard and not seen. Our instalation will have a nominal amount of wires showing.
Network Management and friendly IT support. We install and manage the network so that you can do what you do best - run your business! If you have any trouble with the network, call us and we will take care of it. There is a low monthy fee for management and support.

Broken equipment is covered. If your equipment gets worn out or broken, we will replace it for free. (access points, routers and ethernet cables only)
Tiered access.  Flexible access and pricing is available for nearly any need you may have. Access can be limited by number of bytes or time and you determine the price of access, whether it's paid or free.

Free website.
We will design and host a website free with the management and IT support. You will have control of the content on the site and patrons will see your site first when they log on to your wireless network.
No contracts. You should get the best deal on service and equipment possible. We are confident you will see that our value is superior because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.