Quote from Lynnae Allred with MyBarnwoodFrames.com

We have been working with Yooweb for nearly 18 months, and consider every dime we spend with Yooweb to be money well-spent. Our relationship with Yooweb grew out of our frustration working with a previous hosting company. It was a breath of fresh air to communicate with a human being--one who actually answered the phone and responded to emails. The work on our website has been timely and thorough. We have appreciated David's (Project Manager) advice on everything from graphic design to basic search engine optimization questions. He has patiently guided us through the learning curve of building our own website, optimizing products, creating a user-friendly navigation system, and much more. We have really wanted to understand the process of how a website works, and one of the most valuable things about the service we have received is the willingness to teach us to make basic changes to the website on our own. This has given us the flexibility to correct small wording errors, change product images, and even create our own basic landing pages without the constant hassle and expense of waiting on a web designer to complete improvements for us. It has been a pleasure doing business with Yooweb.

— Lynnae Allred