Managed Online Marketing

This is a excellent and inexpensive way to reach targeted potential clients and show them what you have to offer. Yooweb will optimize your maketing campaign for you and you simply get to sit back and watch as you get more business.

Promote your Business through Online Marketing

Managed Online Marketing, track your investmentMarketing your website through online advertising increases the exposure to your business. We can target potential clients and direct them to your site. Every additional customer that you are able to obtain through minimal cost is an additional present and future revenue generator.
If your daily budget is $10, it might cost $.80 per advertisment click that leads potential customers to your website, that means that you will receive 12.5 additional customers per day. If your average purchase amount per customer is $35, all you have to do is make 1 sale in 3 days from online marketing to break even or produce a profit. 1 sale for $30 of your marketing budget and 1 sale out of 37 potential customers in 3 days is all that you need to make online marketing work for your business. Even if only 4% of the people that visit your website through online marketing make a purchase on your website, then this type of marketing would be worth your while. You provide the great service or product, we'll provide the potential clients.

Save Time & Money

Online marketing is within the realm of being do-it-yourself, but can be complicated to set up and maintain. Yooweb offers expert help and will save you both time and money in your online marketing campaign. We manage the marketing and provide reporting and other information about your online market, all you have to do is provide the means $$.

Trackable Return on Investment

Yooweb will allow you the opportunity to view detailed reports of how your campaign is doing, such as:

  • How many people clicked through your advertisements to reach your website.
  • Which keywords were the most successful in turning website visitors into customers.
  • Conversion rates for what percent of those who clicked your advertisements actually helped you reach your goals.

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