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How much should I pay for a web site?

The world of web site design is extremely diverse in it's options. And the reality is that there is not one option that is right for everyone. I will give a few cases here that explain general situations that will hopefully help you understand how much you should spend on your web site.

DrupalCon SF

We had an excellent time at DrupalCon San Francisco! What an exciting time it is for the project and we are excited to be supporting it. The project is expanding rapidly and we were pleased to see over 3000 attendees at the conference. That is over 2000 more than are registered for the Wordpress conference that is taking place right now in San Francisco, which to us is just another sign that Drupal will be the premier CMS on the web.

DrupalCon SF Sponsors

After years of experience with numerous Content Management Systems (CMS) Yooweb has made the decision to provide support primarily for the Drupal CMS. We have found the greatest flexabilty for our clients in Drupal as well as the best community support. Wordpress finishes in a close second and we will continue to use it primarily for small sites and blogs but for anything larger we will be using Drupal. We look forward to focusing our efforts more on Drupal and participating in its dynamic community and development.

Getting your Google Analytics

Google Analytics Site Usage

Everybody wants to know how to improve their web site so that they can get more visits to their site and keep people coming back. Web Site Analytics are to help you do just that. It can hardly be contested these days that Google has the best, most user-friendly, and inexpensive analytics tool out there. I mean just check out some of these awesome features! So we set up every site that we host with Google Analytics. But how do you access all this wonderful information about your site?

Setting up your cPanel email address in Gmail

This tutorial is focused on our clients who host their websites with us and want to be able to access their email accounts that end in their domain name through gmail. If you are hosting with us and do not yet have a personalized email address ending in your domain and want one, please talk to your Project Manager who will gladly set one (or many) up for you!

Putting your business on the map

I'm often asked what people can do to get their business a larger presence on the web. While there are numerous answers to this question I'm going to write about where I think every business should start, getting themselves on the map!

Google maps has a great tool that allows you to get yourself on the map so that when people are looking for somebody that does what you do in their area they can find you and get all the details they need.

Lets get started! Go to

Transactional Emails

In this tutorial I go over the necessary steps for setting up all transactional emails in Magento, the open source e commerce CMS. I also show how to connect a wysiwyg editor to the transactional emails after the wysiwyg extension is already installed.

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